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Infinite Q Networks


Country Plan

$55 + Tax

10 Mbps Down /2 Mbps Up

Great for web browsing and standard definition streaming

Family Plan

$75 + Tax

20 Mbps Down / 8 Mbps up

Web Browsing and 

2x FULL HD streams simultaneously

We can adjust your speeds up and down accordingly!

Infinite Q Plan

$99 + Tax

35 Mbps Down (Bursting to 50 Mb) and 15 MB Upload

5 + HD Streams simultaneously

Easily supports work from home business

Free static IP if desired

Installation Flat Fee

$150 Installation

(Can be spread across 2 months)

Includes a Brand New Router and Equipment.

Want  the best internet, but need to cancel with another provider and it costs money to cancel :(  No Problem!

Pay your cancellation fee(up to $150) with them and we will waive your installation fee! Just show us a receipt! 

We want you to have a happy internet experience!

Need More?

We can create a custom plan for you!

We don't oversell our bandwidth!

You will always get what you pay for.

 2 Hours of Free Tech support on anything tech related! 

Types of Payments Accepted